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Obama Hates New Media Because He Can't Control It

Morning Update: Fraud

Under Obama, Pigford v. Glickman has grown into a $4.4 billion cottage industry of fraud, with lawyer fees topping $130 million.

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The Four Corners of Deceit: Prominent Liberal Social Psychologist Made It All Up

RUSH: The left has turned science into an agent of its ideology.  That's the purpose of science.  Everything, to these people, is political.  There is not one aspect of life that is not oriented toward the advancement of a political agenda.  That's the stunning thing, is how few people understand that or realize it, and, when told, reject it.  But it's the case.  Science is simply a tool.  Science is simply another prong, if you will, of the liberal agenda, and it's been corrupted.  Conservatives don't use science to advance conservatism.

When Liberal Ideology Results in Mass Death

RUSH: You could say the biggest killer of young African children is not AIDS, it's not war.  It's DDT being banned.  And you'd be right.  And then of course the other mass death, I have to mention it, a million plus a year is a mass death, and that's abortion.

The Regime Wants to Cap Your 401(k)

RUSH: Obama's new budget proposal aims to limit your nest egg by setting a cap on the amount of contributions you can make over the term of your life, and that number is $2.7 million. 


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